Canadian Drugs Rumors – What is Fact And What is Fiction

So you’ve heard about Canadian drugs and the promises of how they will cut your medication bills in half. Of course there are some rumors floating around out there, but how true are they? Before you jump to conclusions, first do your research and see if this promise is too good to be true.

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Rumor #1: Those who buy Canadian drugs are performing an illegal act. This is true only for certain individuals. It is illegal to import prescription medications; however, the FDA has chosen to go after those who are purchasing Canadian drugs for commercialization purposes. They have stated that they have no intention of going after individuals. So if you are purchasing prescriptions for your own consumption, you are not breaking any laws.

Rumor #2: Canadian drugs are not as safe. This rumor is false. Drugs manufactured in Canada often undergo very strenuous tests to ensure that the medication is safe. Furthermore, Canada drugs are shipped in sealed packages from the manufacturer directly to the pharmacy. This is opposite from the US drugs where medications go through several different “hands” before making it to the patient. This method increases the likelihood of counterfeiting and also increases the cost of the medication.

Rumor #3: Online companies don’t care about the customers and just want to make a quick sale. The answer is yes and no. The companies that invest their time and money to get certification, hire real people to answer customer questions on the phone, take care of customer concerns of return shipping aren’t in business to rip people off. There is also some concern that if a drug is recalled, patients in other countries will not be aware. This is a case by case basis as there is no government agency that oversees every order. However, the more reputable Canadian pharmacies will make recall notices part of their customer polices. In fact, many of these pharmacies will notify patients within 24 hours of a recall.

Rumor #4: One of the biggest rumors concerning online Canadian pharmacies is that they are not legal. Yes there are many online pharmacies that are not legal and ship drugs that are mixed with various chemicals. These companies hide behind flashy fake “certified stamps” and PO boxes while they collect money overseas. There are legitimate pharmacies and they work hard to protect their customers and the business from gaining a bad name. However, patients can safeguard themselves by looking for license numbers, checking to make sure the license number is valid, that the pharmacy has a valid physical mailing address, and valid phone number. There are independent third party agencies like Pharmacy Checker which verifies the legitimacy of pharmacies in North America and abroad.

With some knowledge about how Canadian pharmacies work, protect yourself and ask lots of questions. A little preparation beforehand can save you a lot of headache and money for your prescription needs. The promise of your medication bill being cut in half by buying canada drugs online can be true!